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Louisiana Business Law Attorney

Construction Liens, Collections, Property Transactions, Setting up LLCs

Business matters cover a variety of critical legal issues, including setting up an LLC, conducting property transactions, filing a construction lien and obtaining assistance with collections. If you are engaged in a business matter, contact a Louisiana attorney at law from my firm. The Layfield Law Firm, LLC is available to provide you with outstanding counsel throughout the process and will work to assist you to get your issue successfully resolved.

Business Matters in Louisiana

My firm can help you resolve all types of business issues, including the following:

  • Setting up LLCs - When starting a business, forming a limited liability company (LLC) enables you to combine the limited liability of a corporation with the operational flexibility and tax benefits of a partnership. You must go through a multi-step process in order to set up the business.
  • Collections - Obtaining legal counsel can help you exert pressure on clients that are refusing to pay for goods or services. Proper counsel enables you to have legal support during the pre-trial, trial and post-trial period, thus giving you the best chance possible of getting reimbursed.
  • Property Transactions - An experienced business matters attorney can provide you with valuable support when purchasing or selling a property, and can help you navigate the multiple issues that can arise from such a transaction. Issues can include ensuring the title is valid, working with city officials on coding and other topics, dealing with existing tenets' demands and conducting modifications to the sale contract.
  • Construction Liens - When you complete work on a property, only to have the owner refuse to pay you, filing a construction lien can result in a claim being put on the property. This lien stipulates that you must be reimbursed before the property can be sold, or obtain reimbursement from the proceeds of the sale.

I'm available to work relentlessly on your behalf in order to help you with your legal needs. I will fight vigorously on your behalf, as well as will stay in touch with you throughout the process so you can always get answers to your legal questions.

Contact a Louisiana business lawyer for assistance with your business legal issues.