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Louisiana Collections Attorney

Need legal help in collections?

One of the biggest challenges a business faces is clients who refuse to pay for goods delivered or services rendered. When a client fails to provide payment, the entire company suffers. It can affect the company's payroll, payment of its existing debts or other financial obligations, and can even affect its chances of obtaining new loans. When facing the frustrating situation of clients not paying money they owe you, contact a Louisiana attorney at law today. While your internal collections representative may aggressively pursue payments, sometimes legal action, or even just being contacted by a legal representative, is the only thing that gets a client to meet their financial obligations. The Layfield Law Firm, LLC is available to provide you with legal counsel for a variety of business matters, including assisting you with your collections efforts.

Collections Lawyer in Louisiana

My firm will tirelessly pursue legal action against those who owe you money in order to try and obtain full payment from them. I completely understand the importance of getting you your money and will use every legal tool available to help achieve this. From contacting the clients on your behalf, to actually bringing them to court, I will vigorously pursue those who are refusing to pay their bills or invoices.

When internal collection efforts fail to persuade clients to pay what they owe, it becomes necessary to pursue legal action against them. Uncollected bills can not only impact a company's bottom line, they can also anger board members and/or investors, causing a lack of faith in the management. From pre-trial counsel through the entire legal process, I will work diligently to obtain a successful outcome for you so can get paid. Whether you are a service-based business, or you provide physical goods, obtaining the services of a legal representative can give your collections efforts the firepower needed to persuade clients to pay up.

If you are trying to collect payment, contact a Louisiana business lawyer.