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Louisiana Construction Liens

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Construction liens enable contractors and subcontractors to get reimbursed for money they are owed if a person is refusing to pay them for construction or renovation work they did. They are an important tool that gives you legal protection and helps you avoid being ripped off or taken advantage of. If you are facing the frustrating situation of a client refusing to pay you for work completed, contact a Louisiana attorney. My firm can meet with you and discuss the situation you are facing, as well as provide you with seasoned legal support throughout the process. Filing a construction lien can be complicated, but I will work with you every step of the way to give you the best chance possible of getting paid for the work you did.

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If all your efforts to obtain payment have failed, you can start the process of filing a construction lien. In general, you have two months after a project finishes in order to file a lien. However if you are a subcontractor who doesn't have a separate contract with the property owner, you only have 30 days once you receive your "Notice of Termination." Regardless of if you are a contractor or a subcontractor, 10 days before filing a construction lien, you must provide the property owners with a "Notice of Non-Payment" and give them a chance to pay.

Construction liens are called "privileges" in Louisiana and they enable you place a claim against a residence or property that you worked on. The claim means that before the sale of the property is finalized, your claim must be paid, or be paid from the proceeds of the sale. The Layfield Law Firm, LLC is experienced with providing legal counsel to clients in a wide range of business matters, including filing construction liens, and I will work tirelessly to help you as you seek compensation for the work you conducted.

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