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Baton Rouge Succession Attorney

How Our Baton Rouge Succession Lawyer Can Help You

In the already difficult time of a loved one's passing, legal complications are the last things you should have to worry about. At The Layfield Law Firm, LLC, I offer the high-quality, dedicated representation you need to navigate probate, or succession, with as little stress and expense as possible. Whether you need legal counsel to help you distribute an estate, or you need representation to deal with litigation, you can rely on my Baton Rouge succession firm.

Reasons to Choose Our Succession Lawyer

  • We are known for excellent communication with clients
  • You'll get direct, one-on-one service from your attorney

You are never a case number here. We deliver the personal attention you deserve, devoting our resources to protecting your rights and your loved one's interests. Whether you are confronted by creditors, disputes from possible heirs, or any other legal snags regarding a loved one's estate, I are here to help you swiftly resolve these issues. You can start getting the answers and advice you need when you contact my Baton Rouge law firm.

From simple to complex succession, our attorney can protect your rights in Louisiana court:

  • Succession without administration - This is a straightforward succession process free of conflict between relatives, issues with creditors, or other difficulties.
  • Succession with full administration - This administration process generally arises when the decedent leaves issues that must be handled by the estate administrator such as liquidating assets as needed to satisfy debts, or to liquidate those assets in order to satisfy legacies or other wishes of the decedent.
  • Intestate succession - An intestate succession is what we call a Succession when the decedent died without leaving a will. This could occur with or without a full administration, depending on whether there are any lingering issues that might require an administration. Louisiana law determines whether the spouse, children parents, and/or siblings inherit.

I can deal with creditors, sell property, resolve disputes among relatives, and distribute the estate, whatever is necessary to efficiently take care of the estate. No succession case is too complex for my time-tested, client-focused law firm. When you need legal counsel for any succession matter, I encourage you to speak with my firm at your earliest convenience.

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