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Defending Criminal Charges in Louisiana

Getting arrested, or having a law enforcement representative contact you for questioning, can be an extremely stressful ordeal. Suddenly you are facing the prospect of potentially spending years behind bars, paying thousands of dollars in fines, going through the rest of your life as a convicted criminal and other serious repercussions. If you have been charged with a criminal offense or have been approached by the police as a person of interest regarding a crime, immediately contact a Louisiana attorney at law. The Layfield Law Firm, LLC provides outstanding legal counsel to people facing a range of criminal offenses, including charges of DWI.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Louisiana

Even if you are only being questioned right now, it's absolutely critical to obtain legal support, as how you answer questions and your behavior during questioning can substantially impact the situation. When questioning suspects, police will often employ tactics that seek to get them to make incriminating statements that can be used against them should the case go to trial. Having access to a skilled criminal defense lawyer can help you defend your civil rights and fight back against illegal or improper police behavior.

Our firm will work tirelessly to defend you against the criminal charges you are facing. We recognize that this can be a tremendously trying time for you and will do everything possible to get the case dropped, or the charges reduced in order to minimize the severity of the sentence. We will give your case the personal attention that it deserves and remain in constant contact with you so you're aware of what is transpiring throughout the legal process. Whether you are facing state or federal charges, it's vital to obtain experienced legal counsel. For most crimes, there is a level of severity depending on the specifics of the situation, so the penalties can increase dramatically depending on the nature of the charges. We are thoroughly familiar with defending people against a range of offenses and will fight vigorously on your behalf.

Contact a Louisiana criminal defense lawyer if you are facing criminal charges, or being investigated for a crime.