Checklist to Make Sure an Uncontested Divorce Can Go Forward


No matter if you think your divorce is going to be uncontested, you still need to hire a Baton Rouge divorce attorney if you've just divorced while living as residents in the area. Some couples mistakenly think that when they agree on everything in a divorce, it can be as simple as signing on the dotted line and having the divorce over with in one day. While it's definitely easier, it still takes time and still needs legal guidance to get it done efficiently. Plus, uncontested divorces can easily turn into a contested divorce when going at it alone.

Here at The Layfield Law Firm, LLC, we have a checklist we use to make sure your uncontested divorce stays that way. What things should you agree on before we can go ahead with getting your uncontested divorce completed much faster?

Child Custody and Visitation Rights

It's not always easy to agree on child custody during a divorce, but if you can clear that hurdle early, you'll be better off. It's also better for your child or children who sometimes get in the middle of child custody battles. In those cases, mediation might be the answer. But having your children know that you're smart enough to work things out amicably (no matter if you might still have a few disagreements) will make them more apt to want to live with you and encourage the likelihood that they grow up in a stable environment.

We'll help you through the child custody process and work to make sure you stay agreeable on the details.

Child Support

A spouse may agree you're really better off being the breadwinner for the child if they don't have the proper finances. However, this can sometimes go the other direction with the parent ordered to give child support willingly balking at paying out. This is a scenario that you want to avoid.

You and your spouse working together is essential to make sure your children grow up with proper medical care and all other necessary expenses. There shouldn't be a grudge when a spouse has to give out child support since you should be thinking of your child's welfare at all times.

Financial Concerns

Everything from taxes, exemptions, and alimony are going to need to be worked out in an agreeable form before an uncontested divorce can go forward. These items can get as contentious as child custody and support, especially since money seems to be the root of all arguments. Regardless, when you have your children's welfare at the heart of every decision, it can put you in a different frame of mind. We stress this all the time in our uncontested divorce cases to ensure the proper perspective is always kept.

We'll help you through the process of dealing with financial agreements. When the proper financial support means a better life for your child, money shouldn't be a point of argument.

Contact us here at The Layfield Law Firm so we can help you go through this basic checklist and any other agreements that you and your spouse need to make. Once these are all decided upon, we can get your uncontested divorce done within a very short time. It's our main focus so we can help make contentious divorces become a minority option.

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