Divorce Lawyers Anticipate Increase in Business after Ashley Madison Hack


“Life is short. Have an affair,” proclaims Ashley Madison, the dating website which facilitates affairs amongst married people. Users on the website, however, may be regretting their decision to do as the slogan says thanks to a recent hack which could release the personal data of thousands of Ashley Madison subscribers.

Recently, hackers referring to themselves as the “Impact Team” breached Ashley Madison’s database. They have now released a treasure trove of Ashley Madison’s customer records, including funds transacted, email addresses, and real names and addresses.

Increase in Divorce Rates? It is Certainly Possible!

This could spell the end of many marriages though some suggest it could be for the good if cheating is already in play. The very personal information that could be shared online may just have cheated-on spouses running to their nearest divorce attorney. The humiliation from such a hack is not just personal – it is very, very public.

Most people using Ashley Madison and other similar websites feel secure online. The hack has proven that this is far from the case and even supposedly secure information can be leaked in an instant. Unfortunately for those caught cheating, such adulterous behavior may have an impact on a divorce later down the line. Some sites are now popping up displaying the information supposedly obtained from the hack as well as other sites intended to help people identify whether their specific information has been compromised (https://haveibeenpwned.com/).

Louisiana does allow divorces on no-fault grounds, but spouses can also file because of adultery. When it comes time to determine the need for alimony, there is a good chance the court will take adulterous behavior into consideration. This can lead to unfavorable outcomes for the cheating spouse.

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