Kris And Bruce Jenner Seek Divorce


Bruce and Kris Jenner, the parental figures of reality TV's Kardashian clan, recently announced that they are seeking a divorce after 23 years of marriage.

Louisiana residents could be forgiven for thinking that the divorce of two reality TV stars might be a tumultuous affair, but at least so far, it seems the Jenners are handling their divorce with a surprising amount of restraint and dignity.

The two started living apart from one another 11 months ago and so far, there have been no public fights, catty statements released or anything of the sort. In fact, the only recognition they've given each other has seemed sincere and heartfelt -- on their 23rd wedding anniversary, Kris shared a picture of Bruce on social media and called him "one of the most amazing men" she's ever known.

Why is this all worth mentioning? It is not because they're celebrities. To us, this story is worth paying attention to because it demonstrates that people can divorce amicably and with consideration for one another. Everybody has heard horrible stories about drawn-out, expensive divorces, but that certainly doesn't describe the process in every situation. If two publicity-eager "celebrities" like the Jenners can divorce without creating much of a fuss, there is no reason average people can't, too.

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