Husband To Ask "NCIS: New Orleans" Actress For Spousal Support

Zoe McLellan, whom Louisiana fans may know as the star of CBS' "NCIS: New Orleans," recently announced that she is getting a divorce from her husband, actor J.P. Gillain.

Attorney Layfield took note of this story not only because of the (fictitious) Louisiana connection, but because as a Baton Rouge divorce attorney, he notices news developments about people going through the same issues that many of his clients face. McLellan and Gillain are celebrities, but the core elements of their divorce are not significantly different from those in the divorces of ordinary couples.

Another thing to note about this story: Gillain is supposedly seeking spousal support from McLellan. Since "NCIS" is a hit franchise, McLellan is well-compensated for her work; reportedly, she makes $45,000 per episode. Gillain's career hasn't been quite as successful, so he is allegedly asking McLellan to make payments to him so that he can enjoy a lifestyle as close as possible to what they enjoyed while they were married.

People tend to think of "alimony" as payments made by an ex-husband to his ex-wife, but that's too simplistic a view. These days, it is not uncommon for a wife to out-earn her husband. Spousal support is just that -- payments made by the spouse who is better able to pay to support the other spouse, at least until the recipient spouse is able to support him or herself.

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