'Smash' Star Katharine McPhee, Husband To Divorce


In late May, it was announced that actress Katharine McPhee had filed for divorce from her husband of six years.

About a year ago, McPhee was photographed passionately kissing the director of her now-defunct NBC show "Smash." (The director is and, as far as we know, remains married.) After the photos surfaced, she said she and her husband, Nick Cokas, were trying to repair their relationship. It seems safe to surmise that the divorce announcement means they were not able to reconcile.

As a Louisiana divorce lawyer, I have seen similar circumstances with many of my clients.

When a marriage is in trouble, couples often take steps to save it through things like couples counseling or marriage therapy. Sometimes, these steps are successful, but there are many instances in which they are not.

If your marriage is not as strong as you'd like and steps to change that are not working, it is important that you do not think of yourself or your marriage as a failure. The fact is, some marriages are built to withstand the test of time and some are not.

Some people don't file for divorce because they have heard horror stories about the whole process. One of our goals in our Baton Rouge law office is to be a zealous advocate for you and your interests while still making sure the process unfolds as smoothly and civilly as possible. In other words, your divorce does not have to be a nightmare.

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