If We Agree on an Uncontested Divorce Do I Still Need an Attorney?


Divorce is very difficult in all situations but it can be simpler when both spouses are able to agree on the terms of the separation. In a contested divorce the spouses are unable to agree on things like care of the children, division of property and payment of spousal support. Often lengthy legal proceedings are required to finalize the divorce in contested divorce cases. In an uncontested divorce the couple is in agreement on how to handle all of the details of the separation. The result is a faster and easier process. If this describes your divorce you may think since you are so amicable you can just handle the divorce without the assistance of a divorce attorney. We urge you to seek the help of a divorce attorney regardless of whether your divorce is contested or uncontested. Here are three reasons why.

Divorce Can Become Complicated

At this point in time you and your spouse may be in agreement on all terms of your divorce but this may change during the divorce process. Often couples find later on that one person has changed their mind about one aspect and they are no longer in agreement. A divorce attorney can help guide you to avoid issues and increase the possibility of completing an uncontested divorce.

Attorney Can Help You Through the Process

Although an uncontested divorce is relatively easy, it is still a legal process. It requires you file a divorce agreement and participate in a divorce court hearing. A divorce attorney can help you properly fill out and file the potentially confusing paperwork. In addition the divorce attorney will help you navigate through the legal proceedings. The process can be easier and expedited with the assistance of a divorce attorney.

You Are Going Through a Difficult Process. Request a Helping Hand.

Divorces are difficult on everyone. An uncontested divorce is still emotional and trying for both parties. By hiring a divorce attorney you will have someone helping YOU through the process. They will be focused on you and ensuring your rights aren't being violated in any way. Request help with the divorce process so you can focus on taking care of yourself during this challenging time.

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