Why Don't You Hear About Uncontested Divorces?


Uncontested divorces do not get much attention. That's probably because they lack the tears and theatrics of the splashy separations one reads about in the supermarket tabloids.

One thing to know, though, is that uncontested divorces are far more common than those nightmare-scenario divorces people talk about.

For example, while everyone heard about Kim Kardashian's drawn-out and troubled divorce from Kris Humphries, very few people heard about Hilary Duff's quiet, respectful separation from her husband.

Duff, 26, and her husband, Mike Comrie, 33, separated Jan. 10. The two, who were married for three years and have one child together, spent an estimated 18 months in couples therapy before they decided it was best to end their marriage. At this point, it seems like both Duff and Comrie want to separate peacefully and have no plans to argue with each other in court.

We assume people didn't hear too much about this because, frankly, it is not very dramatic. As Baton Rouge divorce lawyers, we can say this is what many of our clients want, a separation that is calm and relatively uncomplicated.

Of course, having a smooth, uncontested divorce does take a little work on the part of both ex-spouses. In addition to the mental commitment it takes not to fight or get overly emotional, it is helpful to have an attorney who focuses in uncontested divorces on your side. This lawyer can help you meet your goal of separating with a minimum of fuss.

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