3 Reasons To Choose Uncontested Divorce


Perhaps you and your spouse have been having some problems for quite some time. You may have even tried to work things out, but in the end, you've decided that it's probably best for everyone in your family if you opt for a divorce.

This is a difficult decision to make, especially because of the changes that are in store for your family. As your Baton Rouge family law lawyer, I've seen many couples navigate through a divorce, and I believe that if you are able to file for an uncontested divorce, it really offers you the best outcome. In fact, here are three reasons why you should choose uncontested divorce, if you can.

Reason #1: It will save you time.

Contested divorces can take a long time before they're finalized. If you've been trying to make your marriage work for many months, or even years, you're probably looking for the quickest way to get a divorce. Prolonging a divorce can be hard on you and your spouse. It's also very hard on your family. With an uncontested divorce, you will save you entire family a great deal of time.

Reason #2: It minimizes family conflicts

Divorce is difficult, no matter how you proceed. However, especially if you have children, your goal is to minimize family conflicts as much as possible. This is a very emotional time for you, your spouse and your family. When you choose an uncontested divorce, you're able to come to agreements on things such as your material possessions, child support and custody. Those agreements will help give you stability.

Reason #3: It will help you avoid a trial

A lengthy divorce trial is not only hard on everyone because of the amount of time it takes, but it's also very expensive. When you choose an uncontested divorce, you are able to avoid an expensive trial altogether. A divorce is difficult enough without adding the expense and anguish of a trial on top of it.

It's always best to consult an attorney when you're considering an uncontested divorce. If you have found yourself to be facing a divorce, and you would like the help of an attorney who focuses on this area of family law, I would love to help you. Please contact us today.