The Trends in Divorce


In Louisiana and around the country divorce trends have been changing over the years. The fact that approximately half of marriages end in divorce is consistent. The reasons for a divorce are as different as the people who go through the process. There are a number of trends that are impacting rates of divorce.

According to an article in Forbes Magazine,

Over the years, changes occur in all aspects of our culture, and everything from food, film and fashion to parenting, politics and pop music goes through cycles and trends. Naturally, the same is true for divorce.”

Grey Divorce

A trend that seems to be growing is the rate of divorce for couples 50 and older. During the past two decades this rate has doubled. According to psychologists the reason is the changing attitudes toward marriage. The Boomer generation was the first to enter into marriage for personal fulfillment. With previous generations marriage was a financial arrangement or done to fulfill a role in the family structure. Many couples also see each other differently when their children leave home.

Increased Divorce Rates in the South and West

One of the growing trends for divorce rates in the United States is among couples who live in the South and Western part of the country. They are significantly higher than the divorce rates in the northeast. Many experts credit this to the higher number of couples getting married in the South and West. In these areas more couples also have a history of getting married at younger ages.

Women More Likely to Initiate Divorce

Today it is estimated that two thirds of divorces are initiated by the wife. This number increases substantially among women who have a high degree of financial independence. This is becoming a very socially acceptable trend. In many cases the women will handle a variety of destructive behavior from their husband. When they initiate the divorce is when their children are adversely affected by the behavior.

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