Hiring a Baton Rouge Family Law Attorney When Dealing with Domestic Violence


Hiring a Baton Rouge Family Law Attorney When Dealing with Domestic Violence

The issue of domestic violence during a divorce case requires immediate use of a Baton Rouge family law attorney if you live in the area. With domestic abuse in the national spotlight again recently, those of us here at The Layfield Law Firm, LLC know how devastating these situations can be. And it can sometimes happen with either gender being the abusive one, even though a male abusing his wife is something we unfortunately see too much of in our cases.

During a divorce situation, the reasoning behind the divorce may be from domestic abuse in the first place. Or, perhaps domestic abuse is just starting once a spouse finds out that their fellow spouse will be or already has filed for divorce.

It's a situation that can add much more contention to a divorce case already filled with contentious issues. How can we help, though, when you're dealing with domestic abuse while in the middle of a divorce? With our practice focusing on family law, we can help in various ways.

Protecting You From Abuse

If your spouse has been threatening you and your kids prior to or during a filing for divorce, it's important we represent you to get a restraining order against them. This is an important first move we make in domestic abuse cases. And it's going to help keep you and your kids stress free while going through your divorce case. If your spouse doesn't adhere to this restraining order, they can legally end up in jail.

However it plays out, we want to make sure you and your kids are safe during an already stressful time. Then, when your divorce case starts, we'll be sure to have the proper evidence to present once you start dealing with child custody.

Proper Custody and Child Support

When a judge decides who's going to gain custody of your children and who might get child support, evidence is going to be very important. We'll gather the proper evidence to show that you've been a victim of domestic abuse and your former spouse isn't fit to have custody of your children. At the same time, if you need child support, we'll fight to make sure that your former spouse pays you if they have more income than you do.

It's again part of our commitment to think of your children's welfare first and make sure they have a good life after facing more hardships than anyone ever deserves.

Contact us here at The Layfield Law Firm, LLC immediately if you've been a victim of domestic abuse and in the middle of a divorce here in Baton Rouge. Our success rate is excellent on bringing peace to family law situations that sometimes look impossible to solve initially.

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