Your Baton Rouge Divorce Lawyer Advice: Figuring Your Expenses After Your Divorce

While it's imperative you work with a Baton Rouge divorce lawyer when filing for divorce, it's the details you might not initially think about that you're going to need extra help with to sort out. One of those is looking to the future of your financial well-being after the divorce is finalized and how well you're going to provide for your children and yourself.

Many different divorces occur where the family involved is a one-income household. This means perhaps the wife or husband is the primary income provider while the other parent stays home to take care of the children. When this happens, it can place either spouse after divorce into a financial predicament that might be permanent or temporary.

In the permanent cases, it might be the result of an illness that prevents them from being able to work. For temporary cases, they may have to go out and get a new job in order to survive. This might happen, though could take a while before they find decent employment that helps support their children.

While those of us here at The Layfield Law Firm, LLC recommend you and your spouse look ahead to financial issues before filing for divorce, we can additionally help assess your financial future during the divorce process. The reason we will is because it can provide significant proof that you need alimony or child support from your former spouse. But first, we'll work closely with you to see what kind of financial reality you might be facing.

Will You Need Temporary Alimony or Permanent?

When it comes to alimony, you have different categories that can determine whether you'll need it for as long as your former spouse is alive, or only for a short duration. We'll work with you to determine this and present it as evidence to the court during the final steps of your divorce.

The same applies to child support. This is much more important and may always be permanent depending on how limited your income would be. If it's determined that you'd have enough income to live on, your former spouse may not have to pay child support. Regardless, they still might pay out since taking care of a child alone has many more expenses than you may initially realize.

Contact us here at The Layfield Law Firm so we can work closely with you step by step through the legal complexities of divorce. We'll help you visualize your financial future so we can help you achieve the alimony and child support you and your child both deserve to live a good life.